17' Prototype 
     Photos of Hull
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Side panels Butt strap, chine logs & clamps Stem hinge Gluing stem hinge

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const3.jpg (103028 bytes)

const1b.jpg (32457 bytes)

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Stem hinge blocked open

Resultant shape Squeezed to  frames Laminated cutwater -a bit much

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const11.jpg (56396 bytes)

phull.jpg (33153 bytes)

Bottom panel on 2nd set of chine logs Webbed frames and final side panels Symmetrical multi chine hull Windward platform

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const16.jpg (64187 bytes)

const15.jpg (47231 bytes)

const19.jpg (39547 bytes)

Threaded rod hold-downs Epoxied lap joints Inlaid carbon fiber Mast step on gunwale

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const21.jpg (57800 bytes)

const22.jpg (94323 bytes)

Shroud and tack traveller attachment Ama stem freehand router carved Ama sides bent onto deck "jig" Foil - laminated fir strips, carbon powder/epoxy